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Master Data Management

Master Data Management Services in Bangalore:

Godigitali is the leading master data management services in Bangalore. MDM refers to the process of managing master data entities and its attributes of the organization in order to have a single master copy of these entities.


By implementing MDM solutions, an organization can have a single version of the truth. If there is no proper Master Data Management, then organization runs the risk of having multiple copies of the data that are inconsistent with one another. Hence any report generated on this data will also be inconsistent.


Master data typically will be critical “nouns” of the business like customers, vendors, workforce’s, and products, but can vary by every industries and even different companies within the same industry.


Master Data Management is applied only to entities and not transactional data. Our Master data management services in Bangalore helps your business to improve the Business process.



As per Gartner Inc – “Master data is the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and prolonged attributes that defines the core entities of the business enterprise which includes customers, prospects, citizens, suppliers, sites, hierarchies and chart of accounts.”

Why Choose Master data management services in Bangalore?

  • We will help you to understand your valuable Customer Better
  • Financial Reporting
  • Security Management
  • Trustworthy Service providers
  • 24/7 expert support


Master Data Management – MDM solutions in Bangalore offers a simple and reliable view of your data, End-to-end consulting.

Discovery Phase :
Identify all the master data entities and its attributes, conduct data profiling to understand the data quality issues faced by these master data elements in the enterprise. Identify the business owners and data stewards who are responsible their master data.

Modelling Phase :
Create the Master Data Model, understand how each Master Data Element is interlinked with other Master Data elements. Create data dictionary.

Data Rules :
Define data validation and quality rules for Master data element by interacting with the business

Data Quality :
Cleanse and standardize the data as per the business rules.

Data Policies & Workflows :
Define policies to control the Master Data, establish data governance rules, any changes to the master data, define a change request process using workflows.

Integration :
Integrate MDM with existing applications

Release & Govern
Train all the stakeholders, release your MDM and Govern.

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